December 06, 2015 Series Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series

Ryal Harris

Ryal Harris, Matt Stone Racing
Series Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series

"“To win 3 V8 Ute Championships is  amazing, and I have to thank Matt Stone Racing for giving me a race Ute to do the job. It has been a great year, we have played the points game and kept out of trouble. To put the Ute on pole for the final round was a nice way to round out the year, and thanks to the firepower from the Champion Iridium plugs, we can truly claim to be a worth 3 time series winning team."

October 25, 2015 Round 7 2015, Castrol Gold Coast 600

Aaren Russell

Aaren Russell, Matt Stone Racing
Round Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series Rd 7 – Castrol Gold Coast 600

"This my first race in a V8 Ute – and I am really surprised to have taken the round win. I absolutely loved the weekend, and did it to get some track time in case I do a V8 Supercar event there next year, so to take the trophy is a great bonus – my Champion Iridium spark plugs really fired me up a strong weekend, so I’m rapt with the result."

October 11, 2015 Round 6 2015, Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

Kris “Killa” Walton

Kris “Killa” Walton, Rentco Ford
Round Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series Rd 6 – Bathurst 1000

"What a weekend – Bathurst is always one you want to win and the RENTCO Ford simply outran the best of the rest.  It was a “Champion” performance thanks to the firepower of the Iridium Spark plugs."

September 13, 2015 Round 5 2015, Wilson Security Sandown 500

Champion McLeod

Champion McLeod, McLeod Racing
Round Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series Rd 5 – Sandown 500

"It’s great to finally wrap up a round in the V8 Ute Series – this is a tough series to win and to finish second in Race 2 and take victory the final race with the round win is a testament to the hard work and effort our small team has put in – not to mention the sheer firepower of the Champion Iridium Spark Plugs that powered us all the way to the top spot on the podium."

July 11, 2015 Round 4 2015, Castrol EDGE Townsville 400

David Sieders

David Sieders - Mango Credit Holden
Round Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series Rd 4 – Castrol EDGE Townsville 400

"I have finally cracked it….a win for Sieders Racing in the Mango Credit Holden! This is my first win since defecting from Ford to Holden at the start of the season, and I now think we are back in the Championship with a real chance. Our Champion Iridium spark plugs gave us the extra firepower to take 2 race wins at the Townsville and climb back up to 3rd outright in the series. Bring on Round 5!".

June 20, 2015 Round 3 2015, SKYCITY Triple Crown Darwin

Chris Pither

Chris Pither All Purpose Pest Control Ford
Round Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series Rd 3 – SKYCITY Triple Crown Darwin

"It was great to be back in a V8 Ute, and Matt Stone Racing gave me a fast race car. To win the final race and round by 6/1000ths of a second, the closest ever finish in V8 Ute history, was a real buzz. I can’t thank Champion enough for the extra firepower that helped me to the round win".

May 02, 2015 Round 2 2015, Perth Supersprint

Round Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series Rd 2 – Perth Supersprint


March 01, 2015 Round 1 2015, Clipsal 500 - Adelaide

Kris Walton

Round Winner: East Coast Bullbars V8 Ute Series Rd 1 – Clipsal 500

"What a great way to start the year – it was a tough couple of races, and Ryal Harris is keen on stealing my Championship back, so I suspect this is what it will be like all year.  The RENTCO Ford was strong, and I know my spark plugs always put in a Champion performance, so I was rapt to take the round win and be crowned the Champions Champion at such a major event – Bring on Round 2".

November 12, 2014 Round 7 2014, Gold Coast

"To win on your home track is always special, and thanks to my Champion Iridium spark plugs, the team fired well all weekend and we won the round by just one point.  We can’t win the series now, however to be crowned Champion on your home track at one of the toughest events of the year is pretty special anyway."

October 12, 2014 Round 6 2014, Mount Panorama, Bathurst

Rhys McNally

Mount Panorama Winner: Rhys McNally - Stratco Racing Holden

“Wow – my first ever V8 Ute round win and what a place to do it, Mt Panorama Bathurst. Thanks to the Champion Iridium spark plugs, the Stratco Holden fired on all 8 cylinders every race. We were consistently the quickest Holden, and finally claimed a round win from FORD. We are a great little family team from Perth, and to take it to the big teams and win at the biggest event of the year was a real blast.”

September 14, 2014 Round 5 2014, Sandown 500 - Melbourne

Sandown 500 Champion - Ryal Harris

Sandown 500 Winner: Ryal Harris - Matt Stone Racing

It’s great to finally grab a round win and fitting reward for our new team Matt Stone Racing. The championship is not over yet, and it would be great to be the first driver to win 3 championships in a row – now that would be a fitting reward as the Champions Champion. Our Champion Iridium Spark Plugs were a major part of making sure we fired well this weekend.

July 15, 2014 Round 4 2014, Champions Champion - Townsville 500

Kris "Killa" Walton - Rentco Ford FG wins again.

What a weekend - we are now leading the series by 18 points following 2 race wins at the Townsville event, and thanks to the "killa" spark from the Champion Iridium plugs, the Rentco Ford simply outran the best of the rest. We are at the half way point of the series now, we know we have the pace to run at the front, just need the momentum to continue and I hope we can deliver Champion a championship performance. 

June 21, 2014 Round 3 2014, SKYCITY Triple Crown 400 - Darwin

Darwin Champion - Sieders

Darwin 400 Winner: David Sieders - Sieders Racing Ford FG

Given it was State of Origin week, I didn’t want to let the blues down, so to come away with my first Darwin round win capped off a great week for NSW. It was definitely the extra fire from the Champion Iridium spark plugs that helped me to pole position and 2 race wins, and now only 2 points off the Series lead. Great to result for a “Champion” week all round.

June 15, 2014 Round 2 2014, Perth 400 - Barbagallo Raceway

Round 2 Winner: Kris Walton – Rentco Ford FG

The RENTCO Ford performed faultlessly all weekend in Perth, and to win 2 races outright, and go from 19th to 2nd in the reverse grid race proves just how good the Champion Iridium spark plugs are. In front of over 200 RENTCO guest’s celebrating 20 years in business, it was great to be so dominant all weekend, and come out of the round leading the series is where we wanted to be. Champions help in getting us the Championship lead was invaluable.

April 22, 2014 Round 1 2014, Clipsal 500 - Adelaide

Race or road, Champion Iridium Spark Plugs offer high performance and reliability

In the cut-throat world of the Australian V8 Ute Racing Series, every bit of performance and horsepower matters. So it’s no coincidence that ultra reliable, high performance Champion Iridiums are the official spark plug of this grunt-fuelled competition.

Champion Iridiums are the perfect spark plug for the unforgiving conditions of the V8 Ute Racing track. Featuring dual precious metal electrodes for incredible horsepower and an exclusive heat-active alloy for ultimate heat tolerance, Champion Iridiums keep performing where competitor products may fail.

V8 Utes champions depend on the reliability of Champion Iridium

Sieders Racing Team Manager, Luke Sieders, has six drivers competing in the 2014 V8 Ute Racing Series. A former driver himself, Luke understands how crucial it is to have a high performance spark plug under the bonnet and says Champion Iridiums have never let him or his drivers down.

“Our experience with Champion Iridium is that it’s a very reliable and consistent product. Out on the race track, we put Champion Iridium through some of the toughest environments it could be exposed to and we’re very happy with its performance and durability.”

“We’ve had prior experience with lesser quality spark plugs,” adds Luke. “Some plugs we’ve tried in the past have been inefficient and the result is inconsistent power performance, which you just can’t afford if you’re going to do well on race day.”

“We check all the engines on the dyno ahead of each race and with the Champion Iridiums we can see we’re getting very good, consistent and reliable power which is exactly what you need on the track.

”The 2014 V8 Ute Racing Series has kicked off with a bang for the Sieders Racing Team, with David Sieders winning Round 1 at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.

David says Champion Iridium definitely contributed to his victory.

“To take pole position and win Race 1 was a great start to the season, and the Champion Iridium plugs fired on all 8 cylinders lap after lap and didn’t miss a beat – taking me a to a new lap record in Race 1,” said David after the race.

Champion Iridium delivers

Other V8 Ute Racing Series drivers agree that when it comes to reliability and performance, you can trust Champion Iridium.

“The Champion Iridium spark plug is the best thing for reliability. In this game, it’s so tight, and having reliability is a vital step towards winning a race,” said, Craig Dontas, who currently sits in third position on the V8 Ute Racing Championship leader board.

“The Champion Iridium spark plugs really help with cleaner burning and more efficiency, and most importantly, horsepower. Any little advantage we can have over our competitor helps, and these certainly do!”

Race or road? Choose Champion Iridium

Champion are the largest manufacturer of spark plugs in the world and make more than 1 million spark plugs every day! Tried and tested in racing conditions, Champions are also specified as OE by more engine manufacturers than any other spark plug on the market.

With such expertise, Luke Sieders says both race and regular drivers can be assured Champion Iridium won’t let them down.

“The way I see it, if a product can perform in a racing environment, you can be confident it’s going to work very successfully for regular road users. Champion Iridiums do a faultless job for us in the toughest possible conditions, so regular drivers are definitely going to get great performance and fuel economy with Champion Iridiums under the bonnet.”

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V8 Utes - Round 1 - Clipsal 500