Broad range of Engine Management and Fuel System products

Fuelmiser leads the way with quality parts sourced from world leading OEM and OES manufacturers and technology adapted for the aftermarket to provide a high level of confidence.

With over 40 product groups, Fuelmiser has the broadest range sourced from world leading manufacturers.  We cover most popular and late model applications and include comprehensive European and Korean applications.

2 Year/40k Warranty

All products are manufactured or sourced from Original Equipment Manufacturers and are covered by a 2 year / 40,000 km warranty.


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Product Range
Air Flow Sensors
Air Flow Sensors Measure the amount of air entering the engine to optimise combustion.
Air Temperature Sensors
Air Temperature Sensors Measure the air temperature for optimum fuel & ignition adjustment.
Brake Lamp Switches
Brake Lamp Switches Operate brake lights and brake related safety equipment.
Cabin Air Filters
Cabin Air Filters Comprehensive range of carbon activated filters that prevent dust & pollen from entering the passenger cabin.
Camshaft Sensors
Camshaft Sensors Measures the position of the Camshaft to optimise fuel / ignition control.
Carburettor Components
Carburettor Components We stock the most comprehensive range of original Fuelmiser carburettor kits & components.
Distributor Parts
Distributor Parts Including Caps, Rotors, Condensors & Contact Sets.
EFi Fuel Filters
EFi Fuel Filters Large range of external & in-tank EFi fuel filters.
Efi Fuel Pumps
Efi Fuel Pumps Large range of in-tank & external fuel pumps.
EGR Valves
EGR Valves Controls recirculation of exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber for emission control.
Fan Switches
Fan Switches Operate the radiator cooling fan for correct engine temperature.
Fuel Injectors & Repair Kits
Fuel Injectors & Repair Kits All components needed to repair fuel injectors. Each kit repairs 2 injectors.
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Fuel Pressure Regulators Fuel pressure regulators maintain consistent fuel pressure regardless of fuel system conditions.
Ignition Coils & Coil Packs
Ignition Coils & Coil Packs Generate the high voltage required to ignite the air & fuel in the combustion chamber.
In-Tank Fuel Filters
In-Tank Fuel Filters In-Tank Fuel Filters offer longer filter life compared to conventional types.
Knock Sensors
Knock Sensors Used to measure extreme combustion conditions for engine protection.
Mechanical Fuel Pumps
Mechanical Fuel Pumps Engine driven fuel pumps for carburettor equipped vehicles.
Oil Pressure Switches
Oil Pressure Switches Operate engine oil pressure warning light for engine protection.
Oxygen Sensors
Oxygen Sensors Enable the air fuel ratio to be adjusted by measuring exhaust oxygen.
PCV Valves
PCV Valves PCV valve ensures Engine crankcase to be vented into the engine and reduce emissions
Speed Sensors / ABS Sensors
Speed Sensors / ABS Sensors Measure the engine, transmission, wheel and vehicle speed.

Where To Buy

Products are distributed by Motospecs in both Australia and New Zealand.

Sales Enquiries
1800 605 673

Technical Support
1800 245 748

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