Champion Iridium

High performance with dual precious metals without the premium.

The pioneers of Iridium in aviation and industrial spark plugs have now created the ultimate automotive spark plug. Champion Iridium combines a patented iridium fine-wire centre electrode and V-trimmed platinum ground electrode to deliver long-lasting performance in every spark.

With it's stabilising effect on ignition voltage as well as its excellent wear characteristics, Iridium automotive spark plug technology is fast becoming the technology of choice for OEM engine manufacturers and performance enthusiasts around the world.

The power of these dual precious metals has been enhanced with Champion's exclusive Heat-Active™ Alloy to maintain a stable operating temperature under all engine loads. All these add up to the ultimate in spark plug performance and durability, and the ultimate in driving performance for you.

The Ultimate Element.
Champion Iridium features an extremely fine-wire Iridium centre electrode that is "laser locked" to the centre electrode using a patented process. In addition, every Champion Iridium features a platinum ground electrode to ensure the highest level of performance and longest life.

Maximum Performance.
The iridium fine-wire centre electrode and platinum "V" trimmed ground electrode produce the sharpest spark focus. This provides the greatest engine performance regardless of engine type or ignition system.

Exclusive Heat-Active Alloy.
Allows electrodes to reach optimal temperature quickly and maintain stable operating temperature under all engine loads.