Oil Seals

The Kelpro Oil Seal range comprises of over 700 individual Seals making the range one of the largest in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Kelpro is the leader in development of automotive aftermarket oil seals.

The Kelpro Oil Seal Range comprises of Engine, Axle and Transmission Seals.

Over the last 10 years as Engines have been engineered to generate more speed, this in turn has created more heat in the engine. It has become very important for oil seals to be supplied with high temperature & high speed material specifications such as DuPont Viton®, Silicon and Poly (Polyacrylate) materials.

Previously most of these seals were supplied as NBR or Nitrile compounds and were relatively cost effective compared to the new high temperature seal material used in today’s vehicles.

The replacement of quality oil seals is critical to ensure cars do not return to the workshop with engine oil leaks. Using Nitrile seals in late model vehicles creates more risk of vehicles developing engine oil leaks.

Repairing leaking Camshaft, Front Crankshaft or Rear Crankshaft Oil Seals can be a costly exercise.

The latest of Kelpro range Oil Seals only uses exact OEM Material specifications in all Engine & Transmission Oil Seals for vehicles applications from around 1996.