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March 25, 2019 Motospecs on show at the AAA 2019 Expo

As a program developer of specialist aftermarket under bonnet and under vehicle products, Motospecs will showcase Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensors, Drivetech 4x4 (including Rival and Supashock) along with parts and accessories from the strong brand portfolio of Fuelmiser, Kelpro, Tru-Flow, Drivetech, Drivetech 4x4, Champion and K&N. RDA products will also be on display.

The AAA 2019 Expo is a trade only event and will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 4th to 6th April 2019.

Visit the Motospecs stand and come and meet the team on stand I02.  We look forward to seeing you there!

AAA 2019 Expo

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October 12, 2017 Tools, tools and more tools! Drivetech Tools catalogue out now!

Save time and money with Drivetech Tools

The Drivetech Tools range makes difficult jobs easy and saves mechanics and specialist repairers valuable time and money.

A leading supplier of drivetrain products, with a long established reputation for delivering the highest quality parts to the specialist industry, Drivetech understands the needs of repairers. This is reflected in the high quality Drivetech Tools range, which includes a comprehensive range of specialist, vehicle specific, transmission specific and general workshop tools.

The ever increasing range of Drivetech tools are sourced from industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers. Each tool is designed to make difficult jobs easy and to assist mechanics in improving their efficiency. 

The new edition of the Drivetech Tools Catalogue (edition 4) is packed full of durable, high quality tools and includes various service and installation tools, pliers and workshop hand tools.  The new additions to the Drivetech Tools range include 35 general workshop tools, 39 transmission tools, and 5 new steering/suspension/differential tools. 

Some of the fantastic new tools added to the range include:

UXT-10605 - Self Adjusting Clutch Tool Master Kit - This is designed to compress the self adjusting clutch during the disassembly and assembly of all dual clutch transmissions.
Eg VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Renault & Volvo.  It allows pre-tightening of the pressure plate in order to avoid clutch deformations. 
The 6 arm plate has been designed for all self adjusting clutches with 6 or 8 locking holes.

UXT-10022 - Adjustable Bearing and Seal Driver - An all in one design, eliminating the need for a driver and several different heads.  The 3-stepped jaws quickly adjust to accommodate bearing races and seals from 18mm to 90mm.

ZXT-626025 - Transmission Oil Drain Tool Kit – Mercedes 5 and 7 speed transmissions - After draining an oil pan, this kit will allow the removal of remaining oil within the transmission.  It is ideal for servicing when transmission has been contaminated with coolant.  Will also fit BMW 6HP & 8HP transmissions.

By using Drivetech Tools, repairers can undertake complicated repairs with greater efficiency and accuracy, saving time and labour costs while also increasing workplace safety.

Download a copy of the latest Drivetech Tools Catalogue or contact your local Motospecs branch on 1800 463 646 to order a printed copy.

Drivetech Tools catalogue


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April 10, 2017 Motospecs on show at the AAA 2017 Expo

Motospecs proudly exhibited at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo held in Melbourne 6-8 April.

It was great to welcome so many customers to our stand and we trust that you found the stand and the Motospecs team helpful and informative. We were pleased to display our extensive range of brands and to showcase Motospecs Gateway (online catalogue solution) and also the growing range of Drivetech 4x4 accessories.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at the stand!


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October 16, 2014 Drivetech Tools Target Specialist Requirements


Be prepared to service any vehicle with a Drain Plug Socket Set (Part # UXT–10265) from Drivetech.

Drain Plug Socket Set

 Drivetech’s Drain Plug Socket Set features 15 different specialist sockets, enabling quick and easy removal of sump or drain plugs across the increasingly complex Australian car parc. As vehicle design continues to evolve and vary between manufacturers, just changing the oil can be a headache if you don’t have the right tools on hand. Each socket in Drivetech’s Drain Plug Socket Set is made to OEM specifications from high quality materials. With 15 sockets, you’ve always got the right tool on hand to remove specifically designed bolt heads. All 15 sockets come conveniently housed in a single case, so locating the right tool for the job is easy. The kit also comes with a ‘T’ bar to loosen plugs.


Servicing brakes is a breeze with Drivetech’s 21 piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit (Part # UXT–10340) and Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder (Part # UXT–10350).

Brake Caliper Wind Back kit

Winding back the rear brake caliper pistons on any vehicle fitted with an in-built handbrake mechanism couldn’t be easier with the 21 piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit from Drivetech. Rear braking systems vary significantly across makes and models, which can make winding back brake caliper pistons without the right tools very risky. With Drivetech’s 21 piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit you can easily and safely wind back the caliper pistons and fit a new set of brakes on the majority of vehicles in the Australian car parc –including most European, Japanese, Korean and US vehicles. The kit caters for either clockwise or anti-clockwise applications with various piston adapters. 

Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor


Draining brake fluid is now a one person operation with Drivetech’s Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder. With an easy-to-use trigger-locking lever, the Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder will extract up to 2 litres of brake fluid. It also features a silencer, making it quieter than competitor products. Suitable for ABS and standard braking systems, the Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder is environmentally friendly because it collects the old brake fluid, enabling safe and sustainable disposal.



Remove and install spark plugs on a huge range of European and Japanese vehicles with the European Spark Plug Set (Part # UXT–10250) from Drivetech.

Most European, and now many Japanese makes, feature multi-spine 14mm & 16mm spark plugs instead of generic single hex plugs. To ensure you can service a wide range of vehicles with minimum fuss, tool-up with Drivetech’s European Spark Plug Set.

The set comes with four sockets – two 90 mm and two 250 mm for the overhead cam, deep well type configurations. Each socket has been designed to enable easy spark plug removal. 

European Spark Plug Set

Each socket grips the spark plug during removal reducing the risk of dropping and damaging the spark plug. The set also comes with a ratchet with a flexible hinged handle to assist with removal from tricky locations.



The Drivetech Tools Catalogue is packed full of general, specialist and vehicle and transmission specific tools. To request a copy, please phone 1800 463 646.

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August 26, 2014 New Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue

Announcing Drivetech’s new Transmission Service Kit Catalogue

Drivetech is pleased to announce the release of its new Transmission Service Kit Catalogue. This ultimate reference guide for resellers has been fully updated and now features more than 190 part numbers and more than 1200 vehicle applications.

Drivetech Service Kit Catalogue

Find the kit you need quickly!

The new Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue is extremely clear and easy-to-read.

“It’s arranged according to vehicle application for easy product identification,” explains Drivetech Category Manager, Mario Novak.

“Transmission speed is also listed for each product, further assisting with part identification. Plus, the catalogue features an image identification guide, which resellers in particular will find very handy.”

The importance of quality transmission

“Modern transmissions are highly complex, with multiple gears, electronics and shift modes. On top of that, the greater engine power of modern vehicles makes the driveability delivered by the transmission more vital than ever.”

“In particular, the filter is a key transmission component and we see many lower cost transmission service kits featuring inferior filters,” says Mario. “The use of inferior grade plastic can see a transmission filter crack or swell, causing oil cavitation, engagement and shift issues.”

Drivetech only supply filters made with optimum filtration media.

“Poor assembly of the filter, such as crimping of the two housings is another common fault in lower cost sourced transmission products, and can allow aeration of the fluid resulting in poor performance and reliability.”

“Using a second class transmission service kit is an unwise decision. The potential for problems and transmission failure is high and the risk to businesses is too great.”


Why Drivetech Transmission Service Kits?

You can rely on the kits featured in the Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue to deliver a high quality, long lasting transmission repair.

Drivetech has close connections to the specialist transmission repair industry and a proud history supplying the market with OE standard transmission service kits.

“Our strong industry standing reflects almost 40 years of delivering reliable replacement components that do the job right, first time.”

The Drivetech Transmission Service Kit range is comprehensive and includes only the highest quality components sourced from industry leading manufacturers.

“It’s just not worth the risk of fitting inferior transmission replacement parts. With a Drivetech Transmission Service Kit you can be confident of maximum filtration and life of product at a very reasonable price point,” says Mario.Drivetech Filter Service Kit

As well as the filter and gasket, Drivetech Transmission Service Kits come with all the components required to perform a transmission service to the manufacturer’s standard. “We’re confident our kits lead the market. When you factor in our 2 year/40,000km warranty, the Drivetech Transmission Service Kit range really does sit head and shoulders above the competition.”

To obtain your copy of the latest Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue, please contact: 1800 605 673 

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February 25, 2014 Service European cars with ease using Drivetech Euro Tools

As Australian consumers increasingly choose to own European vehicles, the opportunity for workshops to offer servicing for continental makes and models is growing at a rapid rate.

The Drivetech Euro Tools range makes it easy and cost effective for workshops to service European vehicles using quality, specialised tools that won’t break the bank.

“Drivetech Tools make difficult jobs easy and the dedicated Euro Tools range makes servicing European vehicles straightforward,” explains Drivetech Category Manager, Mario Novak.

“Given the differences in bolt and fastener design in European engines compared to Japanese or Australian built cars, it’s simply not possible to use the same tool kit across both categories.”

“If workshops don’t cater to the growing number of Australians owning European vehicles, they may be missing out on a huge amount of business.”

“Statistics tell us that consumer preferences are changing and Australians are buying more European vehicles than ever before. Increasingly, workshops have customers bringing in Audis, Volkswagens, Peugeots, Citroens, Renaults and BMWs. Once upon a time these were considered prestige cars but now they are popular across the board because they are more affordable.”

“For workshops, this means you need to tool-up or face turning customers away.”

Meeting ongoing demand

The Drivetech Euro Tools range was introduced to meet growing demand from workshops for high quality specialised tools at a reasonable price. Since it was introduced in 2012, feedback on the Drivetech Euro Tools range has been extremely positive.

“People are impressed by the quality of the products given how affordable they are. All Drivetech Euro Tools are manufactured to European OEM Standards by reliable manufacturers so what we’re able to offer through this range is products that are OE standard but less pricey.”

“The products in the Drivetech Euro Tools range are specialised, so once upon a time they were hard to source. What we’ve tried to do – and succeeded in doing – is meet market demand by providing a range of specialised tools for European vehicles that suit the needs of a wide range of repairers.”

Crank Turning Socket

VXT-10010 - Crank Turning Socket.  Locks into pulley retaining bolts












Multi Spline CV Shaft Socket

VXT-14140 - Multi Spline CV Shaft Socket.  Specifically designed for removal and re-installation of the driveshaft retaining bolts fitted to late model Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.









It’s worth stocking Euro Tools

Drivetech Product Manager, James Sagris, says Drivetech’s Euro Tools range enables workshops to stock a range of tools to service European vehicles with a minimum of fuss.

“Since the range launched, we’ve seen many savvy workshop owners stocking up on Drivetech Euro Tools and promoting the fact that they service European cars to customers. Because Drivetech Euro Tools are readily available and combine quality with affordability, they are a worthwhile investment for any workshop.”

Take the Euro Tools range of multi spline CV shaft socket tools for example. Available in four sizes, they make removing and re-fitting drive shaft flange bolts on Volkswagens and Audis simple.

“Stocking this tool in your workshop makes a lot of sense,” says James.

Expanding range

The Euro Tools range is constantly expanding.

“We now have more than 160 parts in the Drivetech Tools range and this figure will continue to rise,” says James.

Euro Tools are part of the wider Drivetech Tools range, which includes a comprehensive range of specialist, vehicle specific, transmission specific and general workshop tools which make the repairer’s job easier and safer, while delivering customers a high quality repair that will stand the test of time.

Drivetech Euro Tools can be ordered direct from Drivetech, with most orders delivered same day or overnight.

To order from the Drivetech Euro Tools range, call 1800 463 646 

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December 01, 2013 Drivetech Oil Dispenser

As a leading provider of drivetrain products and solutions with a long established reputation for delivering the highest quality parts, Drivetech now offer a comprehensive range of specialist, vehicle specific, transmission specific and general tools. The Drivetech Oil Dispenser (Part # UXT-10040) has a 6L capacity to fill and extract fluids.  The pneumatic regulator allows single person operation and includes a safety cut-out valve. The unit has a pressure gauge to control the preferred flow rate. It is ideal for non filler tube fitted transmissions. For further information on the Drivetech range of tools, please phone 1800 463 646.

Drivetech Oil Dispenser

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November 22, 2013 Drivetech Spring Clamp Remover

Drivetech Spring Clamp RemoverFrom the comprehensive range of Drivetech tools, the Drivetech Spring Clamp Remover (Part # UXT-10370) is a must have for all workshops. Suitable for the removal and installation of spring and constant tension hose clamps, it is particularly useful for areas with difficult access.  The cable operated clamp pliers allow the 600mm cable to twist and wind through the hot engine instead of your arm.  They latch on the hose clamp way down in the engine compartment allowing your working hand free to squeeze the trigger.  The locking ratchet mechanism on the handles makes it easy to apply just the right amount of pressure.  The added advantage of the Drivetech Spring Clamp Remover over traditional pliers is that they firmly hold the clamp ends ensuring they don’t fly loose. The Drivetech Tools Catalogue is packed full of general, specialist, and vehicle and transmission specific tools. To request your copy, please phone 1800 463 646.

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April 02, 2013 The number one Smart Blend range from Drivetech

Exceptional oils and lubricants for transmission specialists 

Smart Blend is the preferred choice and number one synthetic product range for the professional transmission industry. Manufactured by Life Automotive Products – creators of products developed by transmission professionals for professional technicians – the Smart Blend range is distributed in Australia exclusively by Drivetech.

What makes the Smart Blend range so popular?

Innovation, leadership and quality combine with proven performance over years of worldwide field experience to make Smart Blend products both technically advanced and chemically superior.

Advanced Synthetic Technology – unique to Smart Blend

Many of the products within the Smart Blend range feature Advanced Synthetic Technology. This innovation is the result of a series of carefully controlled chemical processes that produce compounds with planned and predictable properties. This ensures the highest-quality product every time.

Late model transmission applications have been moving to full synthetic technology over the past 10 – 15 years, explains Drivetech Category Manager, Mario Novak.

“As fully synthetic products, there is total control over what goes into each Smart Blend product. You’re not relying on the variable quality of vegetable based products.”

“Because they are fully synthetic, Smart Blend products out-perform vegetable and mineral based products, especially in extreme and cold conditions. Smart Blend consistently delivers the level of performance expected by professional transmission specialists.”

Tried and tested

The Smart Blend range is made in the USA and has been tried and tested across the world’s largest automotive market.


“In the world of oils and fluids there are a large number of different specifications. There’s now more than 15 different types of transmission fluids used widely across the Australian car park alone!” explains Mario.

“The Smart Blend range allows you to stock two standard oils then convert them to higher specification fluids to suit individual vehicle requirements on an ‘as needs’ basis.”

“There’s also the convenience factor for customers. With Smart Blend, you can service vehicles easily and quickly without the need to wait for special oils/fluids to be delivered.”

Cost effective

Smart Blend is cost effective because it eliminates the need for workshops to stock lots of varieties of oil in large volumes.

In addition, the Smart Blend range features the highest quality products, yet at competitive prices, making it the obvious choice for transmission specialists.

Snapshot: the Smart Blend range

The Smart Blend range caters to the needs of specialist workshops and general repairers. It includes oils and lubricants for automatic transmissions, power steering systems, manual transmissions and differentials.


  • Automatic Transmission Protectant – reduces heat and oxidation.
  • Power Steering Protectant – alleviates noise and whining.


  • Automatic Transmission Supplements – for converting standard transmission fluids, Dextron 3/Mercon to higher specification fluids.
  • Manual Transmission Supplement – anti-wear additive, reduces heat and wear and inhibits coating of synchros and gears.
  • Differential LSD Supplement – eliminates chatter, reduces heat and protects clutch surfaces.


  • CVT Multi-Vehicle Fluid – used for CVT applications, replaces multiple OEM variants.
  • Power Steering – a universal fluid that replaces multiple OEM variants.

Rebuild products

  • Assembly Lubes – for use in rebuilding automatic and manual transmissions and power steering units.
  • Stops damage when installing seals and components.

Cleaners and flush

  • Cooler Flush and Fitting Accessories Kit – for flushing oil coolers and transmission cooling systems.
  • Electronic Cleaner Dielectric Protectant – cleans and coats electrical connectors. Prevents corrosion and cleans electrical connectors from gunk, dirt, dust etc.


For more information contact your nearest Drivetech branch on 1800 463 646 or visit the website

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November 01, 2012 Drivetech – suppliers of the very best differential parts for performance vehicles

Drivetech is a widely regarded and trusted supplier of an extensive range of automotive parts. So, when it comes to differential components, Drivetech are the obvious choice.

Given the vital role differential parts play in the safe and smooth running of any vehicle – but especially a performance engine – it makes sense to choose high quality differential parts that you know will go the distance.

According to Motospecs Differential Product Manager, Greg Nolan, Drivetech’s long history in supplying differential parts to the performance vehicle industry enables them to “sort the wheat from the chaff” when it comes to selecting differential components and assemblies to meet the specific needs of performance vehicles.

“Other suppliers do offer differential parts, but they are sourced from second tier suppliers. Our long association with the world’s leading manufacturers enables us to selectively offer only the best and highest quality products to the Australian market,” says Greg. “The products we select are made from top of the line materials using state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes.”

Drivetech’s range of differential parts includes:

  • Axle shafts
  • Various designs of limited slip differentials for both road and racing applications
  • Crown wheel and pinion sets suitable for racing vehicles
  • Differential repair kits and service parts for all areas of driveline maintenance.

The range is being continually expanded to include new products that reflect the needs of the market.

“Products within this Drivetech range are generally purchased by specialist rebuilders who are subcontracted by general workshops to complete differential repairs. Given the complexities involved in undertaking differential repairs on modern vehicles, it makes sense to select products from a trusted supplier.” 

As well as offering a high quality and extensive range, Drivetech-supplied differential parts are backed by a superior level of product support.

“Through their Drivetech rep, mechanics and installers can contact me direct with any specific product issues or queries. Like every product manager at Drivetech, I am a mechanic by training, and I have specialised experience and detailed knowledge across the product range that I manage – in this case the Drivetech differential range.

“People with such hands on experience in the differential industry are not often found in supply companies. Very few manufacturers or suppliers can offer the product support and in-depth, high quality product knowledge that’s available when you choose to purchase Drivetech differential parts.”

Greg says parts for performance vehicles come under more scrutiny and are required to perform under more challenging conditions that those fitted to regular road vehicles.

“Drivers of performance vehicles are very passionate about their cars and need to be totally happy with the way they perform,” says Greg.

“We often hear stories of mechanics having ongoing issues with their customers’ differential components and at the end of the day, it usually comes back to the specialist repairer choosing to fit inferior parts that don’t cope so well with the demands of a performance engine.”

“For generalist workshops, I would advise them to choose a differential specialist repairer that uses the reliable products supplied by Drivetech.”

For more information contact your nearest Drivetech branch on 1800 463 646 or visit the website

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October 03, 2012 Save time and money with Drivetech Tools

The Drivetech Tools range makes difficult jobs easy and saves mechanics and specialist repairers valuable time and money.

A leading supplier of drivetrain products, with a long established reputation for delivering the highest quality parts to the specialist industry, Drivetech understands the needs of repairers. This is reflected in the high quality Drivetech Tools range, which includes a comprehensive range of specialist, vehicle specific, transmission specific and general workshop tools.

Examples of the expanding Drivetech Tools range include: seal drivers and removers, specific and universal spring compressors, pump pulley removal and installation tools, specialist brake tools, hydraulic and screw type pullers, oil catchers and dispensers, under hoist safety stands, straight edges, clamps and clamp removers, crank turning sockets, vice guards, diagnostic equipment, plus an assortment of durable hand tools to assist with repairs.

According to Motospecs Product Manager, James Sagris, the Drivetech Tools range makes the repairer’s job easier and safer, while delivering customers a high quality repair that will stand the test of time.

“Our high quality Drivetech Tools are designed to make specialist repairs quicker and easier to complete.” says James.

“Many repairs these days are hugely complex – for example an average automatic transmission can have anywhere from 400 – 1200 components, any one of which may require replacement!”

By using Drivetech Tools, repairers can undertake complicated repairs with greater efficiency and accuracy, saving time and labour costs while also increasing workplace safety.

As well as being strong, durable and ergonomic, Drivetech Tools are comparable to Original Equipment (OE) quality – an important feature of the range.

James says the Drivetech Tools range is continually being expanded and updated, to reflect the constant changes and technological evolution within the automotive industry.

“The mechanics toolbox is constantly growing. Drivetech invests heavily in research and development and responds to the needs of the market. As well as keeping on top of new vehicle specifications, we work closely with mechanics and specialist repairers to develop tools to make difficult jobs easy.”

Drivetech is proud to provide the specialist repairer market with its unbeatable range of specialised tooling.

“We’re a progressive company working in a progressive market that constantly requires the latest, high quality tools at competitive prices. We’re constantly working to deliver products that make life easier for specialist repairers and general mechanics alike.”

For more information contact your nearest Motospecs/Drivetech branch on 1800 463 646 or visit the website

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July 11, 2012 Motospecs media release – Oil Coolers Jul 12

Drivetech has your oil cooling needs covered, with a range of oil coolers available for transmission, engine and power steering systems.

30% more cooling and 15% less flow restriction means less heat stress with Drivetech oil coolers.

Many things can impact the life expectancy of a transmission. Controlling operating temperatures is the key to extending transmission life and reducing the risk of costly repair bills. Varying temperatures, stop and go traffic, off-road driving and towing add additional stress to an automatic transmission.  

Drivetech oil coolers offer 30% more cooling and 15% less flow restriction than traditional tube & fin design. The coolers are self regulated for maximum cooling and running protection, with durable brazed aluminium construction and available in stacked plate or plate and fin design. 

Stacked Plate design gains maximum direct surface exposure to the air flow, increasing heat transfer for a given core area. Channels vary the oil path and eliminate the temperature concentration normally found at the centre of hot oil moving along a straight passage.

Plate and Fin style utilise aspects of both tube and fin and Stacked Plate design, by using a large surface area exposed to the air flow and by placing fining between the oil channels, heat transfer potential for a given core size is increased. 

Drivetech’s highly efficient cooling technology combines improved protection against lube system failure with optimal heat transfer. The range of oil coolers includes coolers for transmission, engine and power steering systems and includes cores, universal fitment kits and model specific kits and all the required accessories to make cooler installation easy.

For more information contact your nearest Drivetech branch on 1800 463 646 or visit the website

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April 11, 2012 Motospecs media release – Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers April 12

Why fit a gas pressurised shock with twin chambers?

When it comes to vehicle upgrades, did you know that shock absorbers are one of the most essential parts?

Often ‘out of sight, out of mind’, shock absorbers are generally viewed as less ‘exciting’ than some off road parts. Yet plenty of 4x4s have suspension lifts and roll on a set of muddies, but who knows how well those vehicles really perform off road without the right set of shocks?

In addition to an extensive range of automotive parts and overhaul kits, Drivetech 4x4 have now introduced the Enduro Shock Absorber range. Catering to most makes and models of 4x4s and some 4x2s, Category Manager, Ben Lavis, says there are countless situations where this great-looking range of new products will be beneficial.

“The new Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers provide vehicle owners with an inexpensive option to upgrade their shocks from Original Equipment, while offering improved ride quality, plus the durability required for use on today’s 4WDs. 

Designed in Australia, to suit Australian conditions, Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers are ideal for drivers taking their vehicles off road or onto corrugated surfaces, or for mining or commercial vehicles that experience tough conditions.Drivetech 4x4Enduro Shock Absorber

Key features and benefits

Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers:

  • Feature OEM replacement functionality, meaning they fit straight in, thus reducing fitment time. 
  • Fits standard height and lifted vehicles up to 50mm.
  • Are gas pressurized which means less oil aeration to offer a consistently great ride no matter what the driving conditions. 
  • Are very cost effective; you are able to get a high quality replacement component at an attractive price. 
  • Are nitrogen charged and feature rubber bushes for longevity and driving comfort. 
  • Feature increased bore size, which means a better ride and reduced fade, while the twin tube construction guarantees durability. 
  • Come with the advantage of a 2 year 60,000km warranty.

Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers are gas pressurized, twin chamber shocks. So what does this mean for mechanics and drivers?

Why gas?

Are gas shocks stiffer than regular shocks? Do they offer a harsher ride? Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers are valved differently, so they offer a ride that is just as smooth as a normal fluid shock, while still providing superior shock-damping consistency. 

What not an oil shock? 

Let’s say you’re driving your Toyota Hilux at a good speed down a corrugated road. Your suspension will be cycling at a tremendous rate, thereby forcing the piston within the shock absorber to move at a staggering rate as well. When this happens, the oil within a regular shock absorber gets air bubbles forced into it, causing the oil to become frothy and foamy. When this happens, the oil will flow through the orifices of the piston at unpredictable rates and decrease the performance of any standard shock. 

What is a gas pressurized shock? 

Gas pressurized shock absorbers work a bit differently and are not nearly as vulnerable to the oil aeration as a standard shock absorber. Enduro Shock Absorbers are built with pressurized nitrogen inside the shock body. This keeps the oil from aerating because nitrogen does not mix with the shock oil, and forces the oil molecules to stay packed together much more closely, thereby all but preventing the oil from developing any air bubbles.

What is a twin tube?

Twin tube shocks have two chambers, an inner and an outer tube. The inner tube is where most of the work takes place. Here, the piston travels up and down through the main supply of oil. The outer chamber holds an extra supply of oil and a pressurized gas charge. The gas provides the backstop against the flow of oil. Twin tube shocks deliver comfortable, stable all-around dampening for most applications including 4x4s. Twin tubes are probably the most commonly used shocks in the 4x4 automotive market today.Drivetech 4x4Enduro Shock Absorber cutaway to show twin chamber construction.

In a nutshell

Like other parts within the Drivetech 4x4 family, the new range of Enduro Shock Absorbers offers the consistent, OEM-standard performance the market has come to expect from Drivetech 4x4 products.

If you’re looking for a shock absorber that ticks all the right boxes on cost effectiveness, ease of fit, durability and consistently great ride across a diverse range of driving conditions, Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers are the obvious choice for both mechanics and vehicle owners alike. 

Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorbers certainly live up to the Drivetech promise of being ‘driven by quality’.

For more information on the exciting new Drivetech 4x4 Enduro Shock Absorber range, please call your local Motospecs branch on 1800 463 646 or visit for a list of authorised Stockists.

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