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October 12, 2017 Tools, tools and more tools! Drivetech Tools catalogue out now!

Save time and money with Drivetech Tools

The Drivetech Tools range makes difficult jobs easy and saves mechanics and specialist repairers valuable time and money.

A leading supplier of drivetrain products, with a long established reputation for delivering the highest quality parts to the specialist industry, Drivetech understands the needs of repairers. This is reflected in the high quality Drivetech Tools range, which includes a comprehensive range of specialist, vehicle specific, transmission specific and general workshop tools.

The ever increasing range of Drivetech tools are sourced from industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers. Each tool is designed to make difficult jobs easy and to assist mechanics in improving their efficiency. 

The new edition of the Drivetech Tools Catalogue (edition 4) is packed full of durable, high quality tools and includes various service and installation tools, pliers and workshop hand tools.  The new additions to the Drivetech Tools range include 35 general workshop tools, 39 transmission tools, and 5 new steering/suspension/differential tools. 

Some of the fantastic new tools added to the range include:

UXT-10605 - Self Adjusting Clutch Tool Master Kit - This is designed to compress the self adjusting clutch during the disassembly and assembly of all dual clutch transmissions.
Eg VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Renault & Volvo.  It allows pre-tightening of the pressure plate in order to avoid clutch deformations. 
The 6 arm plate has been designed for all self adjusting clutches with 6 or 8 locking holes.

UXT-10022 - Adjustable Bearing and Seal Driver - An all in one design, eliminating the need for a driver and several different heads.  The 3-stepped jaws quickly adjust to accommodate bearing races and seals from 18mm to 90mm.

ZXT-626025 - Transmission Oil Drain Tool Kit – Mercedes 5 and 7 speed transmissions - After draining an oil pan, this kit will allow the removal of remaining oil within the transmission.  It is ideal for servicing when transmission has been contaminated with coolant.  Will also fit BMW 6HP & 8HP transmissions.

By using Drivetech Tools, repairers can undertake complicated repairs with greater efficiency and accuracy, saving time and labour costs while also increasing workplace safety.

Download a copy of the latest Drivetech Tools Catalogue or contact your local Motospecs branch on 1800 463 646 to order a printed copy.

Drivetech Tools catalogue


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