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November 15, 2012 Champion – the choice for champions

When you choose Champion spark plugs, you’re taking advantage of more than 100 years of design, development and manufacturing expertise. That’s a whole century’s
worth of credibility.

Yet, Champion spark plugs are backed by more than just expertise and time in the market. Impressively, more than 400 Formula 1 winners to date have been driving vehicles fitted with Champion spark plugs. That’s an amazing ‘track’ record!  That kind of confidence speaks volumes about the performance, reliability and durability of the brand.

According to Motospecs Brand Manager, Richard Smith, Champion spark plugs truly are the choice for champion drivers – drivers who put their very lives on the line when they race, and whose need for a high performance, trusted spark plug is absolute.

“Rodney Sylvestro is a case in point,” explains Richard. “As a Top Fuel Drag Bike rider, he risks his life every time he races. In the event that his spark plug fails, the
likelihood is that the bike’s engine would explode under his chest. Rodney has absolute faith in Champion spark plugs, and says with confidence that he would never change his brand of spark”. 

Money simply can’t buy that kind of endorsement.

Top Door Slammer champion, Victor Bray, is another iconic figure in motorsport who swears by Champion spark plugs. 

“According to Victor, there is no other spark plug to use if you want reliability and performance,” says Richard. “Drag racing vehicles are incredibly powerful, producing up to 8,000 horsepower compared to the average car that produces 200 – 300 horsepower. With cars like these there can be no mucking about, and certainly no compromise on the choice of parts such as spark plugs.”

“A key point to make about the experiences of serious drivers like Rodney Sylvestro, Victor Bray and others who choose Champion – such as the Australian V8 Utes where every driver uses Champion Iridium Spark Plugs, as well as Top Fuel dragster driver and team owner, Darren Morgan – is that Champion is their personal choice. Champion does not pay these drivers for their endorsement.”

“Of his own accord, Darren chose to use Champion spark plugs, and since using Champion he has won back to back Top Fuel championships.”

This same quality and engineering goes into all Champion spark plugs including the Iridium range, featuring the “dual precious metal” advantage of both Iridium and Platinum. Champion spark plugs are the highest quality product at an affordable price point.

“The quality of Champion spark plugs today is unquestionable.”

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