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November 22, 2013 Drivetech Spring Clamp Remover

Drivetech Spring Clamp RemoverFrom the comprehensive range of Drivetech tools, the Drivetech Spring Clamp Remover (Part # UXT-10370) is a must have for all workshops. Suitable for the removal and installation of spring and constant tension hose clamps, it is particularly useful for areas with difficult access.  The cable operated clamp pliers allow the 600mm cable to twist and wind through the hot engine instead of your arm.  They latch on the hose clamp way down in the engine compartment allowing your working hand free to squeeze the trigger.  The locking ratchet mechanism on the handles makes it easy to apply just the right amount of pressure.  The added advantage of the Drivetech Spring Clamp Remover over traditional pliers is that they firmly hold the clamp ends ensuring they don’t fly loose. The Drivetech Tools Catalogue is packed full of general, specialist, and vehicle and transmission specific tools. To request your copy, please phone 1800 463 646.

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