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March 17, 2014 New Kelpro Oil Seal catalogue the most comprehensive ever

Kelpro Oil seal CatalogueEdition 5 of the Kelpro Oil Seal catalogue has just been released.

An invaluable resource for workshops, the revised edition is the most comprehensive oil seal catalogue in the local automotive aftermarket, from Kelpro – one of the leading oil seal suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. The Kelpro Oil Seal catalogue features more than 300 new part numbers and includes engine, axle and transmission seals. In total, the new catalogue comprises more than 1,100 individual seals, covering a greater percentage of the Australian car park.

Motospecs product manager, Tim Wiggins, says the new catalogue – which is available as hard copy or online at – is easy to read and includes essential information for workshops and repairers.  “In particular, the catalogue’s application guide now includes a note section with many sizes listed, making part identification easier. It also includes a complete oil seal size listing at the back, which is a helpful reference,” says Tim. Considerable effort and research has gone into ensuring the Kelpro oil seal range meets the needs of today’s workshops, servicing modern vehicles.

“Over the last ten years, vehicles have been engineered to generate more speed, which in turn creates more heat in the engine. As a result, today’s oil seals need to be able to tolerate higher temperatures,” says Tim. “All Kelpro oil seals are made from high performance polymers that comply with high speed and high temperature specifications. Seals made from rubber compounds (NBR) will no longer cope with the demands of a modern engine.”

The replacement of quality seals is critical to ensuring cars don’t return to the workshop with oil leaks. The latest range of Kelpro oil seals are the highest quality, made to exacting OE standards and material specifications. “This includes exact OE material specifications on engine and transmission oil seals for most vehicle applications from 1996.” “Kelpro oil seals will deliver an exact OE fit, which is vital if these crucial parts are going to do their job.” Oil seals are critical to maintaining the engine’s integrity and ensuring engine, transmission and differential oils don’t leak.

Kelpro Part No 98365

Kelpro Part No 98653“Because of Kelpro’s excellent, long-standing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers all over the world, we are able to provide an extensive range of OE equivalent oil seals that will fit perfectly first time, every time.” For more information or to request a copy of the new Kelpro Oil Seals catalogue (Part No: CAT-KOS5), please contact: 1800 605 673

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