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June 09, 2013 Drivetech 4x4 Fuel Manager – insurance for your fuel system

Fuel Manager

More and more Australians are choosing to own vehicles that feature diesel engines….but did you know that Australian diesel fuel quality is poor by international standards? Couple this with the fact that our climate can be harsh on finely tuned diesel engines, and it’s easy to see why it’s worth giving diesel fuel injection systems the extra protection of Drivetech 4x4 Fuel Manager.

What is Fuel Manager?

Drivetech 4x4’s Fuel Manager is a unique pre-filter to the Original Equipment filter, suitable for use on any diesel engine to effectively protect diesel injection components from water, humidity, dust, grime, algae, acids and other contaminants.

Why the extra protection of Fuel Manager is important

Modern diesel engines feature common rail fuel injection systems. While these offer increased precision, they operate at very high pressure. Hence if any dust, dirt or water finds its way into the system, it can cause significant damage.

“Because such fine amounts of fuel are being injected through a common rail system at very high pressure, if contaminants get into the system they can cause thousands of dollars worth of repairs,” says Motospecs Category Manager, Ben Lavis.

It’s surprising how easy it is for small particles to enter a diesel engine’s fuel injection system. Off road situations, as well as mining and rural locations are some of the more obvious instances where dust, dirt or water might find its way into the fuel injection system, but it does happen as a result of ordinary metropolitan driving or filling up with contaminated fuel.

“It’s not often that you’ll pick up bad diesel fuel, but it does happen, surprisingly,” says Ben. “Particularly if you buy fuel when the service station’s tanks are almost empty, there is a chance the fuel could include water particles that have built up as a result of condensation on the tank. It’s the same in fleet or mining situations where fuel is stored on site where it harbours moisture.”

Even the smallest amount of water in the fuel injection system can result in the need for a complete re-build – a costly and inconvenient exercise!

Fuel Manager_Protects EnginesHow Fuel Manager works

Fuel Manager separates 99% of contaminants before they reach the Original Equipment filter, thus providing an extra level of protection and ensuring the fuel injection system remains free of harmful particles.

Fuel Manager features a long life filter media that has been heat and chemically treated for maximum durability and acid resistance.

“As well as dirt, grime, algae and dust, a big plus with Fuel Manager is that it separates water from fuel – most Original Equipment filters don’t have this capability,” says Ben.

“Another feature is Fuel Manager’s multi-port head which allows mounting in any place and in any configuration.”

Fuel Manager_Specific KitsDrivetech 4x4 makes it easy with Fuel Manager kits

Drivetech 4x4 Fuel Manager kits are vehicle-specific and come with everything you need to easily install Fuel Manager in the engine bay without having to modify any existing vehicle components. The kits include:

  • Drivetech 4x4 Fuel Manager pre-filter unit
  • Vehicle-specific, high grade stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Step-by-step installation instructions
  • Vehicle-specific fuel line hose
  • Polycarbonate bowl.

All components are tightened and removed by hand – there’s no need for filter tools when installing Fuel Manager.

A valuable upsell opportunity

Workshops that promote Fuel Manager find it is a popular product with their customers.

“Offering the option of having Fuel Manager installed is a way of helping your customers look after their vehicles and safeguard against expensive and inconvenient repairs,” says Ben.

Suitable for ALL diesel engines

Drivetech 4x4 Fuel Manager suits all diesel engines from 50 to 350 horse power (37 to 261 kW) with a maximum fuel operating pressure of 60 p.s.i. As well as passenger and 4WD vehicles, Fuel Manager is also suitable for diesel tractors, diesel motors etc.

Optional extras

Drivetech 4x4 Fuel Manager optional extras include:

  • Water Sensor Kit – signals that water has accumulated in the filter and must be drained.
  • In-Unit Heater – assists in cold weather start-ups.
  • Replacement Filter Elements – available in 30, 5 and 2 micron.
  • Hand Primer Pump – for quickly purging air that has entered the lines during an element change or draining of the water and residue catch.
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