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August 25, 2017 NEW Product Range - Fuelmiser Diesel Particulate Filter Sensors

Fuelmiser has an extensive and growing range of engine management and fuel system products available.  The Fuelmiser range covers over 40 product groups including many different types of sensors.

NEW to the Fuelmiser offering is a range of Diesel Particulate Filter Sensors to suit a variety of applications. 

Diesel particulate filter sensors and control unit are fully-integrated and are capable of measuring soot and ash levels in the particulate filter.  The diesel particulate filter sensor uses low-power radio frequencies (RF) to transmit and receive RF signals through the filter. Soot and ash accumulation levels, as well as filter failure symptoms, can be directly measured by the change in response of the RF signal.

Fuelmiser supplies high quality sensors that are sourced from OEM and OES manufacturers.  The new range of Fuelmiser Diesel Particulate Filter Sensors are available now!

 Fuelmiser Diesel Particulate Filter Sensors

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